What is Tracverse?

The endless Omniverse

We’re creating an unexplored omniverse called Maarifa. A boundless, interconnected graph narrative that surpasses conventional storytelling limitations and fosters infinite discovery only made possible thanks to the Origintrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph.

maarifa omniverse on the Origintrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph

Dynamic AI Compatible NFT Assets

Express your unique vision by adding personalized storylines and distinctive characteristics. Shape your Darisha's journey through carefully crafted narratives. A collectible that captivates and connects.

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100% Verifiable & Interconnected AI Ready Omniverse

Experience an exhilarating interactive graph-based community. The Maarifa Omniverse is the seamless integration of all multi-verses & universes into one via Decentralized Knowledge Graph.

DKG Multichain

First of its kind: A Multi-Reality, Multi-Blockchain, Multi-Metaverse Ecosystem

We are the first to create a fully verifiable storytelling ecosystem that spans many blockchain networks utilizing the power of Knowledge Assets. Graph NFTs offer significantly greater power than any traditional or non traditional dynamic Web3 NFT today!

Expanding Maarifa







The Human Touch

Our Team

We take pride in being the first Web3 venture from the beautiful Caribbean nation of Trinidad & Tobago, innovating within the Polkadot and OriginTrail ecosystems. As a Christian endeavor, our mission is to leave a lasting impact, intertwining faith, technology, and storytelling. Our team, is committed to fostering ingenuity and positively contributing to the global Web3 movement.

Trini Zone

Founder / Web Dev / AI Artist

AI Art Mafia

Digital Content Director